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Securing your
data sovereignty.

Quantum-attack resistant security and a powerful search engine to retrieve your stored data - all at your fingertips. Easy to use, multi-chain based, immutable, and low-cost.

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  • Average cost per kB $0.05
  • Encryption Type AES256

A decentralized data storage protocol

Store messages, images, files and more with the security of Blockchain.

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Immutable and censorship resistent data storage

Store and send your messages and data in an immutable, undeletable and permanent way on the Blockchain!


Quantum-attack resistant security & optional encryption

Using AES256 encryption, enables a quantum-attack resistant level of security. Your data and messages are secured forever.


Low cost and easy to store, send and retrieve data

Data stored can be retrieved anytime in the future. The powerful search engine makes retrieving your data easy.


No fear of hacking, tampering or loss of data.

Decentralized data storage relieves users from fears for hacking, tempering or total removal of important data.

Multi-chain Structure for Growing

A growing ecosystem.
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Use Cases

Use myMessage to store your important data, messages and information in a decentralized way! We offer various data storage services.

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Encrypted Messages
for sensitive information

Important data and information such as passwords, personal data, bank accounts can be stored with multi-level security.


Footprints of people’s lives

People’s love letters, wills, identities, wishes etc are the treasures of human lives, all of which can be stored in a verifiable way.


ASCII Artwork, Intellectual Properties

Artwork and IPs can be uploaded and encrypted to store in a decentralized method, easy to retrieve anytime in the future.


Cryptos, patents, or any digital assets

Private keys, patents and any digital assets can be stored and protected, with industrial-grade security.

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